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30 páginas.
Entrevistas com as bandas:

  • Benediction
  • 1349
  • Barathrum
  • Gruesome
  • Funeral Storm
  • Asagraum
  • Eternal Sacrifice
  • Descerebration
  • Morcrof


Al-Namrood, Legacy of Emptiness, Mortifera, Svatan, In The Woods, Infinity, Melan Selas, Christ’s Death, Malediction, Torment The Skies, Flesh Grinder, Born in Black, God Funeral, Thy Rites, Unholy Outlaw, Poems of Death, Sadomystic, Echelon, Far From Everything, Utu, Hell Militia e Spell Forest.

Pôster 1349 e Morcrof.

Capa colorizada evernizada e miolo colorido.


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