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When polish Traditional Death Metal legend´s Throneum joins unholy forces with spanish Bestial Black Metal of Death´s Stormvold the final result is the soundtrack for total world´s collapse!
Polish Throneum started in 1996, rooted in the Ancient Death Metal veins while Ebola´s Stormvold is a young musical bestial horde which plays Black/Death Metal highly inspired in the Norwegian Death Metal cult band Molested, althought this spanish horde have it´s own brutal aesthetics.
Fifth Column of Sheol features almost 40 minutes gathering the best of metal of death, from traditional old school Death Metal to ultra brutal Blackened noise.




1. Throneum - Above
2. Throneum - To the Great Matter
3. Throneum - The Immutable Illusion
4. Throneum - And Blood I Bleed
5. Throneum - Awakening
6. Stormvold - Heil Destrukcion
7. Stormvold - Extermania
8. Stormvold - Nekro-Actitud
9. Stormvold - Bestribucio

Peso 0,120 kg
Dimensões 20 × 20 × 3 cm