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Carrying the flame and pride of the true spirit of Black Metal, with a notorious tongue-in-cheek approach in the Biker Black Metal cover, True Iron Will delivers a killer record, carried by absolute excellent guitarwork, with every riff being as addictive as other, clearly inspired by the Finnish strains of Black Metal but also with a clear nod to central Europe’s Pagan hores such as Bislkirnir, Moonblood or Veles, although with a style that is often more intricate and detailed, not too unlike the energetic melodies of Antimessiah in projects like Totale Vernichtung or, more recently, the Calgary-based one-man act, E.A.G.L.E.

The occasional symphonic synthesizers also definitely add a lot of flavour and medieval undertones to this excellent album, brimming with fury and devotion to the Celtic gods.

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