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Pagan Black Metal Extremista. Compilação contendo musicas dos registros ao longo de sua discografia:
-Wolves Of Dirlewanger (2019 Unreleased track)
-The Fury Of The Giants (“The Fury Of The Giants” EP. Unreleased track on disc)
-Under The Banner Of The Sun (“Where The Heaven Ends” by Mondfinsternis side-project)
-Nordland (“Born In The Dark Ages” album. 2013)
-Varangian Sea (“The Souls Of Old Stones” album. 2016)
-Eighty Eight (“Fire Of Ragnarok” album. 2017)
-Blood And Honour (“Blood And Honour” album. 2015)
-Runes Of New Order (“Another Battle” album. 2014)
-Die Liebe Nerthus (Burzum cover 2018)
-Wolvish Reign (“Wolvish Reign” album. 2018)

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