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The name Obskuritatem is synonymous with one of the most distressing and compelling hordes to emerge out of the Underground scenery of the last decade. Part of the heinous Black Plague Circle, the Bosnian vampire have masterfully carved its spiteful epidemic through a vision of sepulchral darkness and mortuary terror, whether under the guise of ceremonial Dark Ambient passages or macabre thrusts of Raw Black Metal momentum. Entitled Na Tronu Smrti, this collection displays an insight unto the primordial pathway of the succubus, from the suffocating dread of its first demo in 2012, to the evil malignancy of its 2014 split releases, with an extra draught in the form of two unreleased hymns from 2013. In the course of its 60 plus minutes of sonic dread, the chronological function of this assembly offers the listener an immaculate and comprehensive view into the experimentation and unfolding of the Obskuritatem contagious spell.
Released by Black Gangrene Productions on a 2xTape edition, Na Tronu Smrti discloses a sweeping heritage of hatred, an absolute memorial of the true Black Metal Underground ethos.


Tape 1

Side A
1. Heic Noenum Pax
2. Thronum Mortuorum Mures Inclusi Essent
Side B
3. Rotten Sounds of Diseased Mind
4. Ritual of Black Candles

Tape 2

Side A
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
Side B
4. The Veils of Darkness Are Covering My Rotten Corpse
5. Through the Paths of Death
6. Untitled

Peso 0,120 kg
Dimensões 20 × 20 × 3 cm