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Not so away from Belo Horizonte, in Barbacena, the underground kept its obscure roots with Behemoth (the true one), Masters Devotion, Above Christ, Invoker, Asaradel… and they produced the best jewels of Brazilian Black/Death Metal of all times!

A few years after revisiting their first three demos, the gate of Asaradel´s grave has been opened once again, this time with their finest demo “A Dance of Pure Triumph” from 1994, with no shadow of doubt, the best masterpiece of Asaradel ever recorded!

Asaradel is the mastermind creator of Necro-Black-Doom Metal, created in 1991 by former members of Invoker, Behemothas well as other cult bands from their area.

While LP version still not comes (due delay in vinyl factory), Hammer Of Damnation unleashes CD with exclusive bonus taken from Live in Rio (1995) and an unreleased rehearsal song.

This is a historical document of Brazilian Black/Death Metal underground, highly recommended for all worshipers of obscure arts!

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