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These 3 unholy riders of doom has been unleashed by hellish fire blast!!! Expect nothing but hatred, wrath, and cold temper of spirit in it´s purest essence! For those who don´t know these bands, here are some informations about them below:
DETONATOR666 – The kings of Czech Black Metal, under the impure command of Vlad Blasphemer from the mighty legend of Czech Black Metal horde MANIAC BUTCHER!
HAMMERGOAT – The black messiashs of impurity and armaggedon are back after debut album “Regeneration through Depopulation” with 2 exclusive new songs and bestial coversion of the True POISON horde “Yog-Sothoth”.
TUNDRA – The bestial tumour at the heart of modern christianity, TUNDRA spread their poison with new songs plus more a killer coversion of VON “Watain”, featuring Warlord (Evil/Hammergoat/Dethroned Christ) as guest vocalist.