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After the first wave of Brazilian Black/Death Metal from early 80´s, most represented by Sarcofago, Sepultura, Holocausto, Mutilator, Sex Trash amongst others, underground became stronger in the passing years and, during the end of 80´s and early 90´s the best brazilian bands emerged, specially from Minas Gerais, the birthplace of extreme music in Brazil.

Not so away from Belo Horizonte, in Barbacena, the underground kept its obscure roots, with Asaradel, Behemoth (the true one), Masters Devotion, Above Christ and Invoker and they produced the best jewels of Brazilian Black/Death Metal!

A few years after revisiting Asaradel demos, its time to open the graves of Invoker. The most of band´s demo-graphy has been recovered by Heitor (former member of Songe D´Enfer and a true brazilian underground enthusiastic) and thus the demos “Church of Devil’s Worship” from 1991, “The Dark Acts” from 1990 and a rehearsal from 1989 were gathered in this compilation CD, with 8 pages booklet featuring old photos, demo covers and informations.

A historical document of Brazilian Black/Death Metal underground, highly recommended for all worshipers of obscure arts!

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