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Compilação em CD duplo contendo diversos nomes do underground polones pagando tributo ao Bathory:
Brudny Skurwiel – War
Upon The Altar – Destroyer Of Worlds
Czort – Necromancy
Pandemonium – Equimanthorn
Moloch Letalis – Enter The Eternal Fire
The Devil’s Sermon – Chariots Of Fire
Nekkrofukk – Call From The Grave
Martwa Aura – Satan My Master
North – A Fine Day To Die
DeathEpoch – Sacrifice
Rivers Like Veins – Home Of Once Brave
Deus Mortem – The Return Of The Darkness And Evil
Szary Wilk – Born For Burning
Damage Case – Armageddon
Mordhell – The Rite Of Darkness
Christ Agony – Raise The Dead

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